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Ag Consulting Services

With over 45 years of knowledge alone, Jimmy can advise on any farming or ranching situation, whether it’s a peach orchard with insect issues or a plot of rangeland that hasn’t been worked in 20 years. He and his team can help with insect and plant identification and solutions, care for livestock: market or show, or help setting up irrigation in a small home garden.

Quality agricultural products for superior crop production

Custom Application - Range, Pasture, & Field Crops

With two spreader trucks, Allied Ag. can apply liquid products for field crops and those with pastures. 

We offer several fertilizer blends suitable to the Hill Country and farming needs, and we can mix the liquid fertilizer to the needs of soil tests for great results.

Broadleaf herbicides and other herbicides can be mixed in with fertilizer, along with adjuvants and nitrogen stabilizers.

The booms open up to 80-foot width and require open areas without trees. To schedule application, please give us a call. We service the Texas Hill Country. Application price depends on location and acreage.

The Texas Hill Country's choice in fertilizer and crop production

Liquid Spreader Rental

Whether your job is big or small, we've got the equipment to help you get it done.

We have 14 pull-behind liquid spreaders with tank sizes ranging from 200 to 1,000 gallons. If your area has trees, we have single-nozzle jet sprayers available. And for open fields, we have booms on the spreaders. Hook up your pin hitch, and you're set.

We do recommend reserving spreaders several days in advance during the peak season.

Allied Ag's Hill Country supplier for liquid fertilizer and equipment rental

AerWay Rental

Having a solid foundation is the key to the successful growth and management of fields and pastures. Allied Ag. can help you prep a solid foundation with AerWay® rentals. 

AerWays® Aerators are trusted by cattlemen and hay producers to help improve fertilizer utilization, reduce runoff, and promote greater soil moisture. Moving over the surface with unique angles, the AerWay® cracks and shatters compacted soil 8" and deeper. This opens new channels for air and water resulting in plants developing stronger roots and better yields. 

Allied Ag. has one 8-foot and two 10-food AerWays® available to rent. Our 8-foot rental requires a minimum of 65 horsepower, while our 10-foot rentals require at least 85 horsepower. Our rentals are incredibly versatile and dependable while assisting with increased yields for higher quality grass and hay, leading to more weight gain and healthier animals.


Knowledgeable Show Pig Advice

There's more to raising a champion show pig than just picking the ideal genetics. Similar to an athlete, a show pig's health and nutrition play a significant role in their performance. Without optimal nutrition, a show pig cannot be at its peak performance.

Our Allied Ag. team can assist you in choosing an individualized feeding program to maximize your show pig's potential. With our knowledgebase, we can advise you throughout the show season when feeding either Lindner or Sunglo feeds.

Choosing the best nutrition plan will maximize your show pig's traits and help elevate it to champion status. 


Soil Analysis

Allied Ag. proudly offers soil analysis services. Simply bring us a sample of your soil, and we will send it to soil experts for a comprehensive soil analysis report. After we receive your report, we can make recommendations that work best for your soil type.

Already have a soil sample report? We are happy to interpret it for you and offer our assistance for choosing the fertilizer that works for you.

Soil samples save our customers money every year. Find out how much money will it save you!


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Our team is here to support your farm and ranch needs. With our deep understanding of agriculture and our mission to provide quality service to our customers, coming to Allied Ag for your farming and ranching needs is an easy choice.

Whether you already know what you are purchasing or need a consultation to determine the best option, we are here to help.

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