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We have everything from Sudan seeds, ryegrass, wheat, and oats to specialty native pasture seeds. We also place custom orders for other seeds not carried in-store.
If we don't have it on hand, we will do what we can to get it for you.

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Pasto Dulce

Pasto Dulce in the Texas Hill Country

Cheyenne Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass Landscape in Stonewall, Texas

Row Crop


Milo Corn crop yield in Texas

Seed Corn

Corn Seed for Sale in the Hill Country
Type of Seed
Austrian Winter Peas
Beardless Wheat
Bermuda, Common
Bermuda, Cheyenne II
Bermuda, Penn Mohawk
Bermuda, PanAm
Bermudagrass, Giant Coated
Bermudagrass, Giant Hulled
Oats, Big Mac
Oats, Bob
Oats, Coronado Select Non-Certified
Crimson Clover Inoculated
DK 37-07C Poncho Milo
Elbon Ryegrass
German Millet
Mit Wheat
Native Grass Mix, Cordillera
Corn Seed NK1444
Pasto Dulce 3-Way Cross
Pea, Blackeye California
Cream Peas
Red Lasoda/Yukon Gold Potatoes
Premium Grass Seed Turf Fescue
Red Ripper
Red Top/Early Sumac - Cane Hay
Gulf Ryegrass
Sunflower - Perodovik
Sweet Clover
Tam 114 Wheat
Triticale - Wheat-Rye Cross
Hairy Vetch
VNS Oats
Wild Game Mix - Fall
Wilman Lovegrass

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