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No matter the size of your space, Allied Ag. has the irrigation products you'll need for successful crop production. We have drip irrigation supplies available for the commercial grower to the home and garden user. Our staff can help you determine which drip tape spacing is needed, what products you'll need to obtain the best water flow, and which plastic thickness is most suitable.
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Irrigation Tubing

Allied Ag. has the necessary fittings needed for drip irrigation tubing installation. We stock hard tubing used for vineyards, orchards, and home gardens. Our 16 mm hard tubing comes in 100 and 1,000-foot rolls.

We can order additional drip irrigation system items if we do not carry them in stock. Our expert staff can assist in ordering the correct parts.

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T-Tape Drip Tape

Drip tape systems are used on a variety of crops to help reduce water consumption, increase crop quality, and increase crop yields.

The supplies needed may vary depending on whether you're taking care of a home garden or farming large acreage. Allied Ag. has a variety of drip tapes required to grow your row fruits and vegetables. We stock drip tape rolls in 8, 10, and 15 mm widths by lengths of 750', 4100', 6000', and 7500' as well as all the necessary fittings that ensure installation is successful.

Allied Ag. also stocks black plastic mulch and black/white plastic mulch to assist with moisture retention and elongating the life of your irrigation equipment.

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Additional Irrigation Parts

Allied Ag. carries supplemental supplies for both irrigation systems. We stock emitters, connectors, adapters, pressure regulators, goof plugs, and drip clips.

Allied Ag. Services Inc. Drip Irrigation

Drip Tape

Drip TapeSize
T-Tape:508-08-3408 Mil 8"spacing .34 flow 7500' length
T-Tape:508-08-6708 Mil 8"spacing .65 flow 7500' length
T-Tape:508-12-2708 Mil 12"spacing .27 flow 7500' length
T-Tape:508-12-3408 Mil 12"spacing .34 flow 7500' length
T-Tape:508-12-4508 Mil 12"spacing .45 flow 7500' length
T-Tape:510-08-67010 Mil 8"sapcing .27 flow 6000' length
T-Tape:513-12-02513 Mil 12"spacing .24 flow 1000' length
T-Tape:515-12-45012 Mil 15"spacing .45 flow 4100' length

Drip Tape Parts

Drip Tape Parts
7/8" Tape Coupler
Fogger 3GPH
Tape Adapter
Tape Adapter-Cutoff
Tape Elbow
Tape Shut-Off-Valve
Tape Tee
Tape to Female Hose
Tape to Male Hose
Tape to Tape Connection

16mm Tubing Parts

16mm Tubing Parts
.16 Elbow
.16 Coupler
1 GPH - 2 GPH Emitter
1.8 GPH Blue Nozzle Fogger with Butterfly barb adapter
1" Dripline Support Hook
1" y-Filter w/BV 120PSI Max Pressure
1/2" quick action value
1/4" Connector Tee
10 or 15 PSI Pressure Regulator
16mm Compression Coupler
16mm Coupling
16mm Elbow x 1/2 PVC
16mm Hose Tee
16mm Lock Ring
16mm Male Hose
16mm Male Hose x Tape w/cap
16mm TEE
18mm Drip Clip
18mm Figure 8
25 PSI Pressure Regulator
55 Series x 1/2'' 3/4'' Adapter
Coupling W/Ball Valve .52-.62 ID Hose
Female Hose x 16mm
Fertilizer Injector
Goof Plugs
Grape/ H-Curl, Tubing Hanger
Hose End Cap
Lady BugTurbo Flo 1GPH
Metal Hole Punch
Tee x 1/2" PVC


.25 ID tubing 100'
.25 ID tubing x .34" OD
16 mm tubing 100'
16 mm tubing 1000'
16mm 1000' tubing with 1/2 GPH Emitters

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