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Knowing where to start with fertilizers and herbicides can be a daunting task. Whether you're planting a home garden or running a major agricultural operation, we have the knowledge and products that you'll need. As experts in the agricultural industry, we can assist you in choosing those products and tools necessary to accomplish your farming and ranching goals.

Knowing what you're working with can give you the advantage when growing crops. Your soil plays a large role in the success of your crops. If you don't know the best fertilizer for your soil type, we can help. Bring us your soil samples and we will send them off for analysis. Based on the analysis results, we can make recommendations accordingly. Our team can mix the liquid fertilizer that best suits your soil type. Our customers have not only experience great results from using the correct formula, but they've also saved money with fertilizer customization!

We specialize in liquid fertilizer and herbicide applications. We have custom applicators and also have spreaders for your use.

We stock 50 lb. bag granular fertilizers. Products including 18-10-5, 20-0-0, and 13-13-13 with traces. We keep enough in stock to be able to give a discount on ton pick ups.

Liquid By The TonBy 50# Bag - DryWater Soluble
4-11-1113-13-13 with traces15-5-10 with Iron
11-37-018-10-5 with traces20-20-20
16-20-0-221-0-0 with traces10.-30-20
16-8-4-2Medina Growin Green12-48-8
18-6-3-225-5-12 plus

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Our team is here to support your farm and ranch needs. With our deep understanding of agriculture and our mission to provide quality service to our customers, coming to Allied Ag. for your farming and ranching needs is an easy choice.

Whether you already know what you are purchasing or need a consultation to determine the best option, we are here to help.

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