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Choosing the correct feed is essential for optimal animal health. The better your animal's health, the better they compete.

Allied Ag. carries a wide variety of show feeds for pigs, lambs, goats, and cattle. Stocking many of the Lindner show feeds and supplements, we can help you find the right balance for your show swine. We also service the livestock show industry with an assortment of superior show feed and supplements.

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We offer a variety of feeds for the following types of animals:

Show Animals
Small Animals

Allied Ag.'s expert staff partners with showmen, feeders, and breeders to reach their goals and ensure their animals are reaching their potential.


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purina show feed for hill country show animals
Lyssy & Eckel Feeds Quality Feeds for Ranchers and Hunters
Allied Ag. Hill Country's Agricultural Products
Linder Show Feeds for the Texas Hill Country
Jacoby Feed and Seed provided by Allied Ag.
Biozyme Agricultural Products for the Hill Country
Bluebonnet Feeds Show Feed for show animals
Sunglo show pig feed for Texas Hill Country show pigs
ProductsType of Animal
Purina AR 200# Hi Fat BlockLivestock
Purina Sup-R-Block High Fat 500#Livestock
Purina Red Flannel - Adult Dog Food 40#Small Animal
Purina Animax 50#Show Animals
Purina Antlermax Deer 20 Climate GdWildlife
Purina AntlerMaxBreeder Prof 16Wildlife
Purina Acuration Starter CompleteLivestock
Purina Birdluvers Blend 25#Small Animal
Purina Birdluvers Blend 40 #Small Animal
Purina Black Oil Sunflower 40#Small Animal
Purina Bloat Block 33.3#Livestock
Purina Country Acres 18/6 Farm DogSmall Animal
Purina Country Acres Horse Sweet 10Equine
Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 20Livestock
Purina Aquamax Pond Catfish 2000Wildlife
Purina Red Flannel Cat Food 20#Small Animal
Purina Country Acres Cat FoodSmall Animal
Purina Country Acres Deer BlockWildlife
Purina Enrich PlusEquine
Purina Equine SeniorEquine
Purina High Octane Fitter 35 30#Show Animals
Purina High Octane Fitter 52 40#Show Animals
Purina Herdmaker 25#, 50#Livestock
Purina Horse Mineral 12:12 Block - Free BalanceEquine
Purina High Octane Champion DriveShow Animals
Purina Depth ChargeShow Animals
Purina Honor Full RangeShow Animals
Purina Honor Full ControlShow Animals
Purina High Octane Heavy Weight 20#Show Animals
Purina High Octane Honor Paylean 10#Show Animals
Purina Honor PowerfillShow Animals
Purina High Octane Power Fuel 30#Show Animals
Purina Show Calf Finishing Touch TexturedShow Animals
Purina Honor Showlamb GR 15% DX TexturedShow Animals
Purina Honor Showlamb Grower DX 18%Show Animals
Purina High Octane Ultra Full 50#Show Animals
Purina Free Balance Horse Mineral 12:12 25# BagEquine
Purina Red Flannel Hi Protein Dog FoodSmall Animal
Purina Infinia Dog Food 30 lb.Small Animal
Purina Kid Milk Replacer 8#Livestock
Purina Layena CrumblesSmall Animal
Purina Layena PelletsSmall Animal
Range Mineral 7740 HI-SE Block 40#Livestock
Purina Wind & Rain High Mag Mineral Complete MealLivestock
Wind & Rain Fly Mineral Tub 125#Livestock
Purian Wind & Rain All Season Availa4 Tub 225#Livestock
Purnia Wind & Rain All Season 7.5CP Fly MineralLivestock
Purina Wind & Rain Fly Mineral Tub 225#Livestock
Purina Wind & Rain Mineral Tub 225#Livestock
Purina Wind & Rain All Season 7.5 MealLivestock
Purina Wind & Rain All Season 12 CP MealLivestock
Purina Monkey DietWildlife
Plain White Salt BlockLivestock
Purina Precin CompleteLivestock
Purina Pro Phos Block 12-12 40#LIvestock
Purina Rabbit Comp. Blend 50#Small Animal
Purina Rancher Cube 3/4 20%Livestock
Range BlockLivestock
Purina Rangeland 30-13 225# TubLivestock
Safeguard Wormer BlockLivestock
Purina Scratch GrainSmall Animal
Purina Sheep Mineral GranLivestock
Purina Start & GrowSmall Animal
Purina StrategyEquine
Purina Strategy Healthy EdgeEquine
Sulfur Salt BlockLivestock
Purina 4-Square Stocker GrowerLivestock
Trace Mineral BlockLivestock
Purina True Choice Horse Sweet 12Equine
Purina Ultracare Gel 40#Livestock
Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet 40#Wildlife
Vita Firm Sure Champ Extreme 50#Show Animals
Vita Firm Sure Champ Spark 25#Show Animals
Vita Ferm Concept Aid Cattle 50#Livestock
DuraFirm Concept Aid Goat 50#Livestock
Vita Ferm Concept Aid Protein Tub 200#Livestock
DuraFirm Concept Aid Sheep 50#Livestock
Vita Ferm Cattleman's Blend 50#Livestock
Vita Ferm Concept Aid Sheep 50#Livestock
Vita Charge Gel 80ml, 300 mlShow Animals
Vita Charge Liquid Boost 2.5 galShow Animals
Vita Charge Liquid Boost 32ozShow Animals
Vita Firm Sure Champ Cattle 50#Show Animals
DuraFirm Concept Aid Sheep Tub 125#Livestock
Vita Charge Stress Tub - Mos 50#Livestock - Show Animal
Vita Charge Stress Heat Tub 50#Livestock - Show Animal
Bluebonnet Stride 101 12.5 #Equine
AC Cattle Mineral (SWS Strike Force 12-8Mineral)Equine
Alfa Nibblets 50#Equine
Bluebonnet Engage PasteEquine
Equi-Jewel Rice Bran 40#Equine
Bluebonnet Equilene CompleteEquine
Bluebonnet Intensifty Ex Factor Low Starch 40#Equine
Bluebonnet Intensify Growth & Development 16 pellet 50#Equine
Bluebonnet Horsemen's Elite Senior CareEquine
Bluebonnet Intensify Omega Force Pellets 12:12Equine
Pro-Sweet Natural 20 Tub 200#Equine
Bluebonnet Stride Rewind 16 ozEquine
Bluebonnet Stride Rewind Pellet 11# PailEquine
Bluebonnet Intensify Senior TherapyEquine
Bluebonnet Intensify Total Advantage Pellets 12/10Equine
Bluebonnet Transform 13 lbEquine
Bluebonnet Transform PasteEquine
Triple CrownEquine
Triple Crown Naturals Pellet 50#Equine
Jacoby General Purpose Mineral BlockLivestock
Beet Pulp, No MolassesEquine
Cobboom Top Dress 40#Show Animals
Corn, ShelledWildlife
Corn/SoyBean MixWildlife
Cottonseed HullsShow Animals
Cotton Seed WholeLivestock - Wildlife
Diamond 28% 50#Livestock
Electrolytes 5#Show Animals
Alfalfa Hay SquareEquine
Coastal Round BaleLivestock
Coastal Hay Square BaleLivestock
Iodized Salt BlockLivestock
Jacoby's Milky WayLivestock
Jacoby's Red Tag Developer DeccoxShow Animals
Jacoby MVP All Natural 30% tub 125#Livestock
Los Cazadores Exotic/Deer 50#Wildlife
Mil-Ko-Lac 50#Show Animals
MLS#1 HiProtein 200#Livestock
Oat GroatsShow Animals
Stock Salt 50#Livestock
SuperLamb Milk ReplacerLivestock - Show Animal
This Is It Mineral 16#Equine
This Is It Mineral 50#Equine
This Is It Mineral 8#Equine
Turner Sheep MineralLivestock
Lindner Full Figure - 20#Show Animals
Lindner Paylean - 25#Show Animals
Lindner System Mechanic - 5#Show Animals
Lindner Linc'ed Up VFDShow Animals
Lindner 202 A Sale PrepShow Animals
Lindner 203 RuffinShow Animals
Lindner 204 Black Label Textured Lamb 16% DecoquinateShow Animals
Lindner 209 Brown Bag LambShow Animals
Lindner 219 Goat 17%Show Animals
Lindner 231 Complete GoatShow Animals
Lindner 241 NaumanLivestock
Lindner 372 Meier Final DriveShow Animals
Lindner 373 Meier Competitive Drive PlusShow Animals
Lindner 375 Big BarrelShow Animals
Lindner 600 Neo Starter 25%Show Animals
Lindner 603 - Starter 24%Show Animals
Lindner 606 BlitzShow Animals
Lindner 611 - 23% Scud MissilesShow Animals
Lindner 613 - Scud Missle Finisher/PayleanShow Animals
Lindner 632 - Starter Grower 20%Show Animals
Lindner 648 - Starter Meal 20%Show Animals
Lindner 672 - 18% GrowerShow Animals
Lindner 685 -16% Show PigShow Animals
Lindner 686 - 14% Meal - Shape&GutsShow Animals
Lindner 688 - 17% Self Serve FinisherShow Animals
Lindner Sow CubesLivestock
Lindner Sow MealLivestock
Lindner 698 - SlopShow Animals
Lindner Adsorb Plus 50Show Animals
Lindner 20% Deer PelletsWildlife
Lindner Dian NShow Animals
Lindner Lamb Creep 16%Livestock
Beet Pulp ShredsShow Animals
Lyssy & Eckel Bull & Heifer 12Livestock
Lyssy & Eckel Calf Bloom PelletsShow Animals
Crimped BarleyLivestock
Lyssy & Eckel Cottonseed 3/4 Cube 40%Livestock
Lyssy & Eckel 40% Cottonseed MealLivestock
Corn Gluten Granules 40#Livestock
Lyssy & Eckel 3/4 Cube 20%Livestock
Lyssy & Eckel 3/4 Cube 26%Livestock
Lick'N Good Block 50#Livestock
Mass-O-Rack, 50#Wildlife
Allied Beef MakerLivestock
Whole MiloLivestock
Rolled - Cracked CornLivestock
Crimped Sweet OatsLivestock
Lyssy & Eckel Sheep & Goat 20%Livestock
Steam Crimped CornLivestock
Lyssy & Eckel Stamina 14-8 EXEquine
Whole OatsLivestock
Purina AR Range Liquid 28-10Livestock
Sunglo 16-G Non-MedicatedShow Feed
Sunglo 18-G Non-MedicatedShow Feed
Sunglo 4-SureShow Feed
4-Sure 10# BagShow Feed
Sunglo 803 Denagard MealShow Feed
Sunglo 803 Denagard PelletShow Feed
Sunglo CoastShow Feed
Sunglo ExplodeShow Feed
Sunglo Final ControlShow Feed
G-Line 803 ML DenagardShow Feed
Sunglo Game OnShow Feed
S'more FillShow Feed
Sunglo Starter DenagardShow Feed
Sunglo SumoShow Feed
Lindner LifeSaverShow Feed
Steam Crimped BarleyShow Feed
Show BloomShow Feed
Showrite Newco Lamb 17%Show Feed
Show-Rite Advancer-62G1Show Feed
Sow CubeShow Feed
SupRRRoinkShow Feed
Lindner Tune NShow Feed
1112-Tune Up 5lb.Show Feed
Lindner Vitamin PShow Feed

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