Ag Chemical Inventory

Chemicals For All Your Farm & Ranch Needs

We carry a variety of concentrated chemicals primarily designed for commercial agricultural use. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will do their best to get any specific products not in stock.

To see a full list of our products, click here to see our excel sheet with all our products.

Range & Pasture

The beautiful Texas Hill Country has an abundance of livestock grazing and cutting hay. It's also full of many weeds and undesirable plants like broadleaf weeds (Henbit & thistles), grassburs, grasses (KR Bluestem, Wintergrass, Johnson Grass), and brush/woody weeds Mesquite and Prickly pear). Whether you need to clean up or simply manage your pastures, we carry products to fit your specific situation and increase your land's production.

DuraCor Herbicide offered by Allied Ag. in Stonewall, TX

Broadleaf Unrestricted Herbicide

Remedy Woody Brush Herbicide to protect Wood Brush

Woody Brush Herbicide

Rezilon® Herbicide

Rezilon Herbicide

Roundup Powermax Dormant spray weed control stocked by Allied Ag. Services, Inc.

Roundup Powermax
Dormant spray weed control

Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

With a diversity of crops from tomatoes and squash to peaches and pecans, the Hill Country is unique. Protecting these crops is necessary for a strong and successful yield. Allied Ag. has selective and pre-emergent herbicides, fungicides for brown rot or powdery mildew, and insecticides to control San Jose scale, or casebearer to help protect your crops.

MustangMaxx-1 gal

Mustang Maxx

Chlorothalonil (Generic Bravo) protecting crop production from invaders

(Generic Bravo)

Imidan to protect Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables


Captan 4L for a strong and successful yield

Captan 4L

Field Crops

Field crops like corn, milo, and wheat require crop protection inputs like fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. We have those products to keep your fields clean and help maximize your bushel per acre.

Peak for corn, milo, and wheat crop protection

Peak Manufactured

Axial chemicals for your choice in Farm Chemicals


Mustang Maxx fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides

Mustang Maxx

Tebucure Fungicide part of the Allied Ag. chemical inventory


Home Garden

For small ranchettes or yards, we’ve got chemicals to control weeds and pests.

Hi-Yield 2,4-D Amine for small ranchettes or yards

2-4D Quart

Tempo chemicals to control weeds and pests


PastureGuard chemicals to control weeds and pests

Pasture Guard Brush Killer Quart

Bayer Fire Ant Killer to control weeds and pests

Bayer Fire Ant Killer


Vineyard grapes need a lot of care and attention, and we have the supplies on hand to keep your vineyard in optimal condition. Allied Ag. carries an extensive inventory of fungicides like Rally & Rampart, herbicides like Chateau & Rely, and insecticides like Imidacloprid and Esteem to meet the needs of your vines and rows.

Rely for Vineyard grapes care and maintenance by Allied Ag. Services


Pristine to meet the needs of your vines and rows in the Hill Country


Omni Imidacloprid to keep your vineyard in optimal condition

Imidacloprid 4F

Topsin M for Hill Country Vineyards carried by Allied Ag. vineyard supplies

Topsin M

Abound Flowable1, 2.5 Gal.
Accent DF10 Oz.
Accuquest2.5 Gal.
Acephate 1 #
Acephate 97 WDG AG10 #
Acramite 50 WSP1 #
Actara30 oz.
Actinovate18 Oz.
Affinity Broadspec20 Oz.
Diazinon AG 5002.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Agita Insecticide2.2 #
Agri-Dex2.5 Gal.
Agri-mek 1 Gal.
Aim1 Qt.
Aliette 80% WDG5 #
Align2.5 Gal.
MSM 60 DF8 Oz.
Amber Custom Pack18 Oz.
Amdro Fire Ant Killer1 #
Amdro Pro Fire Ant Killer25 #
Amine 2-4D1 Qt., 2.5 Gal.
Ammonium Sulfate Soluble51 #
Aquaneat2.5 Gal.
Aquathol K2.5 Gal.
Aquathol Super K10 #
Assail 70 WP28 Oz.
Atrazine 4F2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Avian Control2.5 Gal.
Awaken 16-0-22.5 Gal.
Axilo FE5 #
Axilo BMZ5 #
Axilo MG5#
Axilo ZN5 #
Axxe 2.5 Gal.
AzaGuard1 Gal.
Badge SC2.5 Gal.
Balan40 #
Besiege2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Bifenthrin1 Gal.RESTRICTED
Bio-Tam 2.05 #
Brexil MG5 #
Brexil Multi5 #
Brexil ZN5 #
Broadloom2.5 Gal.
Bronc Max2.5 Gal.
BT Now1 Gal.
Butyrac 2002.5 Gal.
Cadre1 Gal.
Captan 4L2.5 Gal.
Captan 80 WDG6.25 #
Carbaryl 4L2.5 Gal.
Celsius WG10 oz.
Cevya100 Oz.
Chaparral1.25 #
Chaparral5 #
Chateau EZ1 Gal.
Chlorothalonil, Bravo, Equus, Echo2.5 Gal.
Citric Acid50 #
Clasp1 Gal.
Closer Insecticide1 Qt.
Pyronyl Crop Spray1 Gal.
Crosshair2.5 Gal.
Cutrine Plus G30 #
Cutrine Plus2.5 Gal.
Damoil2.5 Gal.
Damoil55 Gal.
Delegate26 Oz.
Diablo2.5 Gal.
Dimethoate 4EC2.5 Gal.
Dimilin 2L1 Gal.RESTRICTED
Dipel DF1 #
Dipel DF5 #
Dithane F-45 2.5 Gal.
Diuron 4L2.5 Gal.
Diuron 80 DF5 #
Dormex- Bud Pro5 Gal.
Dual Magnum2.5 Gal.
Duracor1 Gal.
Dyne-Amic1, 2.5 Gal.
EleMax Nutrient 2.5 Gal.
Elevate 50 WDG2 #
Enable 2F40 Oz.
Enable 2F1 Gal.
Enhance5 #
Envidor1 Gal.
Epi-Mek1 Gal.
Eraser Max1, 2.5 Gal.
Esteem Ant Bail25 #
Extinguish Plus1.5 #
Extinguish Plus4.5 #
Extinguish Plus25 #
Ferrilene5 #
Ferriplus1 #
Copperas - Iron Sulfate50 #
Flint20 Oz.
Foambuster1 Pt.
Fulfill27.5 Oz.
Fusilade DX1 Gal.
Fyfanon Prem.Grade2.5 Gal.
Fyfanon 5E1 Gal.
Gallex1 Gal.
Grazon Next HL2 Gal.RESTRICTED
Grazon P + D2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Grounded2.5 Gal.
Halomax 7520 Oz.
Harmony Ex 75 DF48 Oz.
Hastagro 6-12-65 Gal.
Hi-Light Blue1 Gal.
Hi-Light Blue1 Qt.
Helosate - Credit 41 Extra - Honcho2.5 Gal.
Hydra-Hume Liquid Humic Acid5 Gal.
Imidan 70 WSB4 #
Indar1 Gal.
Induce2.5 Gal.
Inspire Super1 Gal.
Intrepid 2 F1 Gal.
Intrepid Edge1 Gal.
Invora1 Gal.
Javelin WG5 #
K-Mag 0-0-2050 #
Karmex 80DF5 #
Kinetic1 Gal.
KLeaf2.5 Gal.
Kocide 30004 #
Lannate LV2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Lime Sulfur5 Gal.
Luna Experience32 Fl. Oz.
Luna Sensation32 Fl. Oz.
Luna Tranquility1 Gal.
LV6Ester6 Weedone2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Macho 4.0 Imidacloprid1 Gal.
Magnesium Sulfate - Epson Salt50 #
Manzate Pro-Stick30 #
Medina5 Gal.
Medina30 Gal.
Megafol2.5 Gal.
Merit .5 G30 #
Merivon55 Oz.
Method 240SL2.5 Gal.
Mettle1 Gal.
Microthiol Special30 #
Milestone1 Qt.
Miravis Prime2.5 Gal.
MSO Premium2.5 Gal.
Mustang Max1 Gal.RESTRICTED
Mycoschield2 #
Navigate50 #
Neem Oil1 Pt., 1 Gal.
N-Dure Nitrogen Stabilizer2.5 Gal.
N-Phuric2.5 Gal.
Nu-Cop HB10 #
Nufilm P1 Gal.
Nutra-Sol2 #
Oberon 2SC gal1 Gal.
Omni Super Spread2.5 Gal.
Orbix 8-5-32.5 Gal.
Outlook2.5 Gal.
Outrider20 Oz.
Oxidate2.5 Gal.
Pastora20 Oz.
Pasture Guard1 Gal.
Pasture Guard HL2.5 Gal.
Peak15 Oz.
Per Carb50 #
Permit 75DF20 Oz.
PH-D32 Oz.
Phostrol2.5 Gal.
Poast2.5 Gal.
Polaris2.5 Gal.
Polaris1 Qt.
Portal2.5 Gal.
PowerFlex HL10 #
PQZ1 Qt.
Pramitol 25E2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Prefar 4E2.5 Gal.
Princep 4L2.5 Gal.
Pristine120 Oz.
ProPhyt2.5 Gal.
Propiconazole - Tilt-1 Gal.
Prowl H2O2.5 Gal.
Pursuit1 Gal.
Pyganic1 Gal.
Quadris Top2.5 Gal.
Quintec30 Oz.
Radiant SC1 Gal.
Rally 40 WSP20 Oz.
Rampart2.5 Gal.
Ranman Fungicide1 Gal.
Ranman Fungicide1 Qt.
Reckon 280SL2.5 Gal.
Rely 2802.5 Gal.
Remedy30 Gal.
Remedy 1 Gal.
Request2.5 Gal.
Revus Top2.5 Gal.
Rezilon32 Oz.
Rhyme50 Oz.
Ridomil Gold1 Pt.
Ridomil Gold SL1 Gal.
Ridomil Gold WP5 #
Rodeo2.5 Gal.
Rovral2.5 Gal.
Roundup Power Max 32.5 Gal.
Roundup Power Max30 Gal.
S-FenvaloStar1 Gal.RESTRICTED
Scholar1 Gal.
Scorpion 35SL
Seaweed 0-0-15 Gal.
Sedgehammer13.5 Gram
Sendero1 Gal.
Simazine2.5 Gal.
Sodium Bicarbonate50 #
Solubor50 #
Sovran1.25 #
Spike25 #
Spreader 901 Gal.
Status125 Oz.
Liquid Sulfur 62.5 Gal.
Surfix P1 Gal.
Surflan AS2.5 Gal.
Surmount2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Surmount30 Gal.RESTRICTED
Surround25 #
Switch 62.5 WG28 Oz.
Target MSMA 6 Plus2.5 Gal.
Tempo240 mL.
Tengard SFR1.25 Gal.
Terra Grow2.5 Gal.
Tilt 3.6 EC2.5 Gal.
Tilt 3.6 EC1 Gal.
Top Guard EQ2.5 Gal.
Top Guard Terra2.5 Gal.
Topsin 70% WP5 #
Tordon 22K1 Gal.RESTRICTED
Torino34 Oz.
Tracite N Zinc2.5 Gal.
Tracite 10% Boron2.5 Gal.
Tracite 4% Magnesium2.5 Gal.
Tracite 5% Iron2.5 Gal.
Tracite 5% Manganese2.5 Gal.
Tracite 6% Copper2.5 Gal.
Tracite CA-ZN2.5 Gal.
Trafix Es Cal 85 Gal.
Trafix-Tracite ZN2.5 Gal.
Tribune2.5 Gal.
Trifluralin 4EC2.5 Gal.
Vangard WG50 Oz.
Vantacor1 Qt.
Venom 70 SG1 #
Venue 2SC32 Oz.
Viathon2.5 Gal.
Viper1 Pint
Vivando1 Gal.
Volium Flexi16 Oz.
Vydate2.5 Gal.
Weedmaster2.5 Gal.RESTRICTED
Xentari5 #
XylPhi-PD3.38 Oz.
Ziram40 #

Allied Ag. Supports the Agricultural Needs
of The Hill Country

Our team is here to support your farm and ranch needs. With our deep understanding of agriculture and our mission to provide quality service to our customers, coming to Allied Ag. for your farming and ranching needs is an easy choice.

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